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Crufts Championship Show 2018

Islay 2nd Puppy Bitch

Judge Mrs G Hewitson

Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship show


Islay 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch 3rd Puppy Bitch

Judge Dr Ruth Barbour


   Berkshire Downs & Chilters Golden Retriever Club
Championship Show
Sunday 6th November 2011
Judge: Mrs P Cooper (Goldsmill) - Tarot 1st Mid Limit Dog 
Pale with masculine head & dark eye, reachy neck into textbook front angulation with good forechest, strong level topline & well set on tail , well bent stifle & good width of quarters.
East Anglian Gundog Society 
Sunday 9th October 2011
Judge Mrs Sue Norris - Tarot: 1st Limit and BOB

outstanding cream who took my eye on the first runaround.  Beautifully presented and handled.  Handsome balanced head with good pigment and dark eye.  Dense wavy coat which underneath revealed a strong neck of good length with pleasing lay of shoulder and correct return of upper arm.  Deep forechest and well sprung ribs, well bent stifles and standing on the best of feet.  He really came alive on the move, covering the ring effortlessly with good length of stride.  His performance and outline impressed me and was pleased to award him BOB.  Wish he were mine!

   Darlington Championship Show
Sunday 18th September 2011
Judge: Mrs A Melte Rasmussen (Denmark)
Tarot - 1st Post Graduate Dog
City of Birmingham Championship Show
Sunday 4th September 2011
Judge: Mrs Glenis Hewitson (Seruilia) - Tarot 1st Post Graduate Dog
won a very good class here, such an appealing dog , loved his kind but masculine head, dark pigment, plenty of neck & excellent layback, good bone but not overdone in any way, super coat & condition, excellent topline & tailset, short coupled, well bent stifles, moved with a strong driving action, very nice boy.  
Windsor Championship Show
2nd July 2011
Judge: Mr J Richardson (Darrochonna) - Tarot 2nd PG Dog

  Presents a balanced outline.   Short in couplings.   Would prefer slightly more length of leg.   Good layback of shoulder and upper arm construction.    Firm, mature body.    Well off for bone.    Well up on pasterns.   Attractive, masculine head.    Moved soundly and carried himself well  but would like to see more enthusiasm.

Blackppool championship Show
25th June 2011
Judge: Mrs S Watkins - Tarot Res PG Dog 
Banbury & District Canine Association
Open Show - Monday 2nd May 2011
Judge: Miss Grace Vernon (Graceleigh) - Henry 3rd Puppy
Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria
Championship Show - Sunday 1st May 2011
Judge: Mrs Gillian Wicklow (Gillbryan) - Tarot 3rd Post Graduate Dog
Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
Sunday 3rd April 2011
Judge - Mr J Thirlwwell (Ferndel)
Henry VHC Puppy Dog - Tarot VHC Post Graduate Dog
Coventry Ladies Kennel Association
2nd January 2011 - Skye Blue Connection
Judge: Mrs S Zubair (Thornywait) - Tarot 2nd PG
Lincoln Canine Society
Saturday 18th December 2010 - Newak & Notts
Judge: Mrs Gloria Gargan (Siagar) - Tarot 1st PG Res BOB
Has a lovely balance about him, beautiful head & eye giving a wonderful kind expression that speaks to you, so well made in his front angulation, nice round feet, excellent rearquarters to compliment this, strong topline, beautiful coat.
Midland Golden Retriever Club Championship Show
5th December 2010 - Stoneleigh
Judge: Mrs S Goodwin (Petsan) - Tarot 1st Post Graduate
West Torrington & District Canine Club
Saturday 27th November 2010.  Newark Showground
Judge:  Ms K Farr (Kalibah) - Tarot 1st Post Graduate & RBOB
Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland
13th Championship Show
Saturday 13th November 2010 - Ingliston, Edinburgh
Judge: Mrs Viv Jones (Ninell) - Tarot 2nd Post Graduate
very  nicely shaped head, with a kind expression & excellent pigment, straight forelegs, goodlength & angulation of upper arm, very strong topline & good quarters, attractive outline, Giving his handler a hard time.
Northern Golden Retriever Association
59th Championship Show
Saturday 16th October 2010 - Newark Showground
Judge: Mr B Catterall - Tarot 2nd Tyro Dog. 2nd UG Dog.
Quality upstanding pale dog with super masculine head of lovely type, strong arched neck of good length, sound in shoulder & upper arm, good front,  
well ribbed body with level topline leading to well angulated strong quarters, excellent movement & presentation.
East Anglian Gundog Society
Open Show -  Sunday 10th October 2010
Judge Mr M Greenwood (Telkaro) - Tarot 3rd Graduate
Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club
30th Breed Championship Show
Sunday 26th September 2010 - Newmarket
Judge Mr George Hennessey (Ritzilyn)
Tarot - 2nd Debutante & 2nd UG
Upstanding pale coated boy of substance, good neck & shoulder assembly, good bone & feet, super topline and tailset. 
A bit of a handful for his handler but lovely outline when settled, I felt he would benefit from additional trimming to enhance his neck & shoulder but good quality and type.
Derby Canine Society Open Show
Newark Showground - Saturday 25th September
Judge Mrs Caron French (Caffimbra)
Tarot - 1st PG & Res BOB

Shown in profuse pale coat this extrovert boy is so eye catching. Head which is all male with very kind “ keen to please” expression, dark eye & good depth of muzzle.

 Nice reach of neck, good front angulation, strong through loin, well angulated hind quarters, good breadth of thigh & shown in good muscle tone.

 He moved with great drive around the ring to narrowly beat a very well made bitch who I also liked a lot. .


Wath/West Melton & District Canine Society
Newark Showground - Saturday 28th August 2010
Judge Mr Stewart Irving - Tarot 1st Postgraduate
Cream dog, well balanced head with kind expression, good pigment, shoulders well laid back, good bend of stifle, moved well:
East of England Ladies Kennel Society
Open Show, Rowley Mile, Newmarket
Sunday 1st August
Judge: Mrs Anne Falconer (Siatham) - Tarot 2nd Yearling Dog
VHC Graduate Dog.
The Golden Retriever Club
58th Breed Championship Show
Saturday 24th July 2010
The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park
Judge - Mrs Val Tregaskis (Steval) - Tarot 3rd Undergraduate
Peterborough & District Canine Society
Wood Green Animal Shelter, Sunday 18th July 2010
Judge - Marion McAngus (Greyfurs) - Tarot 3rd Post Graduate Dog
Dukeries Gundog Club
Newark & Notts Showground, Tuesday 13th July 2010
Judge - Jan Muncey (Kennelridge) - Tarot 3rd Yearling Dog
East of England Ch Show, Sunday 11th July 2010
Judge Mr Ray Scholes (Glengilde) - Tarot Reserve Yearling Dog.
Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society,
Thursday 1st July 2010 The Royal Norfolk Showground.       
 Judge Mrs June Bearman (Bearhard)
 Tarot - 2nd Yearling Dog

 National Dog Show, Sunday 9th May 2010 Staffordshire County Showground.

Tarot - Reserve, Graduate Dog
Judge - Sue Brown (Ipcress)
Northern Golden Retriever Association
Judge: Dorothy Buckley (Dorjealy)
Tarot - 2nd Yearling Dog, 1st Undergraduate Dog, 2nd Graduate Dog.

Longer cast pale dog with plenty to admire, masculine head, good neck, well angulated, level topline & correct tailset, moved well in the space provided. 


  West Torrington & District Canine Club on Saturday 20th March, Newark Showground.

Judge Miss Lesley Layland (Applecote) -Tarot - 2nd Post Graduate -

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club Championship Show,
27th September 2009 - Rowley Mile Racecourse, Newmarket 
 Judge Mr P Carey (Carlafield)- Tarot - 6th place - Junior Dog.